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   Here you will find tales of faith, hope, and love into every book. As a bestselling author known for mysteries, romantic suspense, and historic romance, my books are not just stories—they are journeys of the heart.

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New Release!


A Question of Time

Has it always been just a question of time? 

Cooper, a resilient soul scarred by the haunting memories of the Civil War, finds solace in crafting exquisite furniture in his newly opened shop. Each cut, carve, and assembly becomes a therapeutic act, a way to mend not just wood but the fragments of his own wounded heart.

Maeve, fiercely protective of her sister Flora, is determined to shield her from the clutches of an abusive husband. In the backdrop of tragedy, Maeve's courage and determination set the stage for a tale of resilience and unwavering love.

As their paths intersect, Cooper and Maeve discover that time, patience, and shared dreams can heal even the deepest wounds. In the warmth of Cooper's workshop and the protective embrace of Willowbrook, their hearts find solace. Maeve, with her quiet strength, becomes the balm to Cooper's soul, and in turn, Cooper becomes the unwavering support Maeve needs.

Join Cooper and Maeve on this heartwarming journey, where the answer to their questions lies in the enduring power of love and the healing hands of time.

Questioning Hearts Series


Is it really just a question of faith? Is it really just a question of hope? Can love's sweetest dream truly come true?

Delve into the enchanting world of the "Questioning Hearts Series," where faith, hope, and love intertwine in ways beyond imagination.

Hearts will be tested, souls will be awakened, and lives will be forever changed. Join us on this extraordinary adventure where each character faces their own questions about faith, hope, and the transformative power of love. Through heartaches and triumphs, these friends discover that life's most extraordinary moments are found in the search for answers to the heart's deepest questions.

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