Book 4-

The Women's Work Exchange

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Book 1 -The Women's Work Exchange 

Is her faith bigger than her fear?


    She is a woman on the run…

   Taylor Allen is an eyewitness to a double murder. Raised in the church, she sang for the Lord to raise money for the community. Taylor’s voice is a magnet that draws in crowds but not even her talent can save her from a murderer. After a brutal attack she jumps on a train and runs for her life.

He’s taken hostage by a desperate young woman…

   John Fielding Jr. is on the way home from a business trip. How did a beautiful killer end up in his private sleeping car with a gun pointed at him?
    Time is running short as they search the train to New York, seeking the woman that robbed and set fire to a saloon. They say she killed the owner and burned down several buildings in the process. Taylor claims she was framed and John Fielding Jr. is determined to help prove her innocence and claim her heart in the process.


Book 2 is Available Now!
Book 2 -The Women's Work Exchange 

When circumstances force them closer together, will he be able to thaw the ice that encases her heart?

Wren Schmidt is devastated when her husband divorces her unexpectedly, leaving her with a son to raise on her own. Wren ignores the hushed whispers and shame cast upon her by the community to focus on caring for her son. She surprises everyone when she sells her first toy design to Fielding Toy company and secures a contract for more.
Between taking care of her son and working as an inventor, she has a lot on her plate. Wren has neither the time nor the interest to pursue a relationship. When her son asks for a replica of a competitor’s toy ship for Christmas, Wren finds herself working with the handsome inventor, Oscar Parker, to make his wish come true



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