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Pierced Dreams

Book 4 

The Rivers Brothers

Inventor Pierce Rivers has his life planned out. Sell his inventions, meet a sweet, mild woman to marry, and start a family with. He can see it all in his dreams at night. His plan didn't include being robbed by a beautiful baker or hunted by a ruthless killer.

Widow, Mia Fischer has a plan. To pay off her debt and take her brother far away from the city to start the bakery her father dreamed of. Everything is going according to plan until her brother Thomas Fischer overhears a plan to murder an inventor. Now she's on the run, fighting for her life and struggling against her feelings.

Pierce knows it’s his fault they are in danger, and now that he's found them, he's not sure he wants to let them go. All his perfect plans shift when he realizes that some dreams find you when you least expect them.

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Wild Dreams

    Dr. Dominick Schmidt's job is clear. Check over the fifteen horses participating in the race. His contract is very specific. Inspect the animals before and after each race. Look for signs of doping and care for them in the event of an injury.     Julietta Weaver is a suprise in every way. Beautiful, smart, and determined to rescue the losing animals before they are sold for meat. 
    Julietta Weaver isn't like most young women. The Lord gave her a heart for horses. Specifically, racehorses. When she learns the owners sell the losing horses for meat she hatches a plan to open Wild Dreams Sanctuary. A home for lost horses, but to fund it she will have to bet more than she ever thought possible, including her heart.

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